September Issue of The Gloss

The Gloss, the fashion magazine of the Irish Times did a September special for the first time this year. And who could not be spotted on page 30 amongst other New Graduates if not myself.



Left Alone

Last wednesday I ventured out to Maynooth in Co. Kildare with photographer Tibor Bernscherer for a shoot in an abandoned mansion. I was met by massive windows, flowery wallpapers, mouldy corners and extravagant ceilings. It was quite unsettling walking around the huge hotel that had been left alone for so many years. Empty houses are very sad to me. Something that was once loved and full of life gets left to its own faith, slowly falling apart.

Photography: Tibor Bernscherer
Facebook: bernscherer photo
Model: Laura O’Neill
Make-Up Artist: Edina Horvath
Facebook: Edina Make-Up








The tale of A Modern Miss Havisham

Text: Mika Sorvik
Photography: Ronan McCall
Art Direction: Mika Sorvik and Jennifer O’Brien
Make up: Jennifer O’Brien

When NEW meets OLD – glass, plastic and modern shapes goes romantic, dusty, ghoulish and dead. A futuristic Miss Havisham with Great Expectations.

Last August, I happened to step into an old graveyard, nearby Lahinch on the West coast of Ireland. Every grave on that yard, was covered with old fabric flowers, plastic crosses and Holy Marys. The flowers looked as dead as the people underneath them. It was stunning. The colours were pale, the fabric almost disintegrated, people had been caring but then slowly forgetting. With this I was reminded about the character Miss Havisham in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations.

Miss Havisham was a rich spinster after getting left with her father’s fortune when he passed away. She fell in love with a man who was only after her riches and who left her at the altar on their wedding day. From that day she remained alone in her decaying mansion, never removing her wedding dress, only wearing one shoe, leaving the wedding cake uneaten, the table still set, only allowing a few people ever to see her. She was like a ghost in her own home.

The Modern Miss Havisham is an eerie character. Her pale skin and dark eyes are hiding something. And maybe I am trying to help to bare herself a little and let it go.It is a way of showing your soul, let people in closer and give a little of yourself. Wear my clothes and live a little, dare to draw attention and let people into your life.



A grey and brisk morning in April I met up with three talented friends, too shoot the tale of my Modern Miss Havisham. With the help of make up artist/stylist Jennifer O’Brien, I turned model Denise Aartsen, womenswear designer in John Rocha when not looking extraordinary beautiful in fashion shoots, into a ghoulish dark eyed creature called Miss Havisham.

I chose to shoot this collection in an old Georgian house with big windows, stained glass, grey walls and dull colours. As a contrast to all this we brought in translucent bottles filled with coloured water lighting up the scene. With Tim Walker and my story in mind we created a set that suited the character.



For me as a designer, both craft and a statement of what you do, are impossible to be without when creating fashion. All of the above impregnate my way of being and thinking and it affects me as a practitioner. I think the quote by Bradley Quinn in ‘Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge’ sums it up perfectly;

“If a body without organs amounts to a human being without a soul, what would fashion be without the creative process that drives it?”



The fact that we live in an absurd and unfair world is what drives me and the creative process used to express individuality and artisanship is what keeps me going. Fashion is art, craft is art and in the end it all links together. My work so far does not include any visible messages about feminism and sisterhood. However this is certainly present in the way I am designing garments. I make clothing for strong individual women. My ethos is about not being afraid of wearing something that can draw attention. To wear what you want and not follow the path that society is telling you to take. My customer is a strong woman, who is here to take power and inspire other women to do the same. My designs are bold and attention drawing with voluminous silhouettes and daring materials. I always include strong colours, clashing patterns, glitter and shimmer. I embrace femininity, individuality and creativity. With these words I will end my story and at the same time thank you for letting me share this tale with you.



Graduate Show and Final Year Collection May 23

Here are the photographs from my Final Year Exhibition on the 23rd of May, all taken by John Waldron. BIG THANK YOU to all who made it out to Bray for my special night. X

 Graduate Show 

collection intro



A Modern Miss Havisham

Spreading petals


Crochet Collar

Jellyfish Dress

Suitguy and Bell Skirt

Business Cards

Fabric Flowers

Selling MeekaBomb


Soon to come wine

Mika Sorvik





Dj Handsome Paddy

Detailed discussion



Exhibition May 23

Ladies and Gents!

I hear by invite you to the 2013 Showcase of Fashion & Textile Graduates of Bray Institute of Further Education (BIFE).  It will be an evening of fashion, music and refreshments where 12 fashion students, including myself, will show their final year collections.

Renowned DJ Handsome Paddy will be providing the tunes and there will be an opportunity to purchase some of the designers’ creations, not only garments but also custom made handbags and jewellery.

Please put Thursday May 23 in your diaries and join us for a celebratory night, starting at 7 o’Clock.

For you who are not able to make it, the exhibition will be on during the day all week, so there is still a chance to see our work.

Opening times:

TUE 21st MAY 7pm-9pm
WED 22nd MAY 10am-5pm
Friday 24th MAY 10am-1pm

BIFE is located on Novara Road in Bray Co. Wicklow. Please see attached map below. There is train service going from Dublin and Greystones as well as buses 145, leaving from Heuston Station going through Dublin, every ten minutes and 184 from Greystones.

Sure, nothing can beat that lovely view from the train ☺





Sneak Peak of the Photoshoot

Heyy, with the help of some very talented friends, a fantastic photoshoot was pulled off a couple of weekends ago. Here are a few sneak peaks and behind the scene pics for you in anticipation for the real deal. Thank you Ronan McCall, Jennifer O’Brien and Denise Aartsen.












Friday Flea



Selling at this lovely little market in The Dark Horse on Georges Quay on Friday from 5. It’s the perfect after work thing!


friday flea

Will be selling these Meekabomb pieces as well as a bunch of second hand stuff so come and get some bargains. X

© John Graham

© John Graham

© John Graham



Tracksuit top

dj izem




In the Making of Flowers

Last August, I happened to step into an old graveyard, nearby Lahinch on the West coast of Ireland. Every grave on that yard, was covered with old fabric flowers, plastic crosses and Holy Marys. The flowers looked as dead as the people underneath them. It was stunning. The colours were pale, the fabric almost disintegrated, people had been caring but then slowly forgetting. 






This inspired me to what I am doing for my final year collection and last weekend I made lots and lots of flowers. 



This is an interview I did for the latest Metro Eireann. Tolu Omoyele is asking me about fashion, style and my greatest achievement so far. Read the text-only version here:,3652

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London Fashion Week 02/13

This February I went to London to work with the John Rocha team at London Fashion Week. It included studio work and last minute changes whilst models were casted. Backstage work at the John Rocha show in Somerset House and the Simone Rocha show in Tate Modern. It was all very exciting!

Yulia Odette Yuli and Wang John Yulia Yulia Top Shop Stage Bags Simone Rocha Runway order DSC03459 DSC03471 DSC03474