The Coat

This Coat is made of a thick almost water proof nylon fabric. It is completely fitted with puffy sleeves, extra long cuffs and a big hood. The lining is made of either velvet or thin corduroy. The nylon fabric can be had in any colour with always a matching lining with some sort of pattern. Take a look at the fabric page to see what I have in stock right now.

Blue nylon coat with velvet lining and hood. Blue nylon coat with velvet lining and hood. Blue nylon coat with velvet lining and hood. Hooded nylon coat with flower velvet lining.

About meekabomb

This is MeekaBomb. A clothing label which started taking form a few years ago. At that time I was only making or altering clothes for myself but the more I produced the more I enjoyed it and the more I felt that I wanted to get my stuff out there. I make unique pieces. Clothes that will stick out from the crowd. Made with different types of fabrics with extreme patterns and clashing colours which in the end when the finished product is ready, totally make sense. My ethos is about not being afraid of wearing something that can draw attention. To wear what you want and to not care about what other people think. This blog will be a way to show all you people what I am doing. I will post the different types of clothing I have to sell, what you can order, the latest items I've produced and new fabrics that I've bought. If you see something you like, email me on and we will work something out. View all posts by meekabomb

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