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Dublin Flea Market in Block T

MeekaBomb and the talented Choi Cheung will be selling stuff at the Dublin Flea Market Christmas Cracker in Block T in Smithfield on the 4th and 5th of December. I will be selling tracksuit tops, spray painted leggings and handmade jewellery, so make sure to get down there and take a look and hopefully get something for christmas. I will get back to you with prices next week. Do not miss this, see yis then!

The Dress

The dress is a simple model with v-neck both in front and back. It comes in any fabric but preferably a stretchy one. I have two fabrics in at the moment but I can always get more if those two does not appeal.






Dress Dress Dress Dress



The spray paint

The spray painted items are normally basic clothing that I’ve painted with different colours of spray paint. Recommend to hand wash these items since machine wash can make the paint fade.

Vest Denim shorts
Vest Denim shorts

The tracksuit top

The tracksuit top or silk hoodie comes in three different styles. Either a hoodie in two colours on sleeves, shoulders, chest and back. Or a jacket in one colour with a raglan sleeve, a diagonal seam from neck to sleeve with or without a hood. They’re usually made in some sort of thin silky fabric, bright colours and distinguished patterns.





IMG_6307 IMG_6126
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