This is MeekaBomb.

A fashion blog which started taking form a few years ago. I am Mika Sorvik, a newly graduated fashion designer with the world on my doorstep.

For me as a designer, both craft and a statement of what you do, are impossible to be without when creating fashion. This impregnates my way of being and thinking and it affects me as a practitioner. I think the quote by Bradley Quinn in ‘Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge’ sums it up perfectly;

“If a body without organs amounts to a human being without a soul, what would fashion be without the creative process that drives it?”

The fact that we live in an absurd and unfair world is what drives me and the creative process used to express individuality and artisanship is what keeps me going. Fashion is art, craft is art and in the end it all links together.

My work so far does not include any visible messages about feminism or sisterhood. However this is certainly present in the way I am designing garments. I make clothing for strong individual women. My ethos is about not being afraid of wearing something that can draw attention. To wear what you want and not follow the path that society is telling you to take. My customer is a strong woman, who is here to take power and inspire other women to do the same.

My designs are bold and attention drawing with voluminous silhouettes and daring materials. I always include strong colours, clashing patterns, glitter and shimmer. I embrace femininity, individuality and creativity. With these words I will end my story and at the same time thank you for letting me share my work with you.


I design under the name Meekabomb and this label can generally be found in Om Diva on 27 Drury St in Dublin, Ireland. I also design under my own name Mika Sorvik, which would be the latest collection, ‘A Modern Miss Havisham’


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