In the Making of Flowers

Last August, I happened to step into an old graveyard, nearby Lahinch on the West coast of Ireland. Every grave on that yard, was covered with old fabric flowers, plastic crosses and Holy Marys. The flowers looked as dead as the people underneath them. It was stunning. The colours were pale, the fabric almost disintegrated, people had been caring but then slowly forgetting. 






This inspired me to what I am doing for my final year collection and last weekend I made lots and lots of flowers. 



This is an interview I did for the latest Metro Eireann. Tolu Omoyele is asking me about fashion, style and my greatest achievement so far. Read the text-only version here:,3652

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London Fashion Week 02/13

This February I went to London to work with the John Rocha team at London Fashion Week. It included studio work and last minute changes whilst models were casted. Backstage work at the John Rocha show in Somerset House and the Simone Rocha show in Tate Modern. It was all very exciting!

Yulia Odette Yuli and Wang John Yulia Yulia Top Shop Stage Bags Simone Rocha Runway order DSC03459 DSC03471 DSC03474

Meekabomb in Totally Dublin

Meekabomb is in the latest Totally Dublin and from tonight there is 10% off on everything in the shop. Time to start M-bombing it!

In-store event friday 7th of Sep

This friday the 7th, at 6.30, there will be an in-store event in the Atelier 27 and Om Diva on Drury Street. We will be showcasing the collections of 4 graduate designers, all of them winners and runner-ups in the DCU YD 2011/2012. It starts at 6.30 with a drinks reception with guests being invited to view collections, images and backgrounds of the 4 designers. All the designers will of course be selling and there is a 10% discount on all MeekaBomb stuff. Give us a shout if you want an invite and I will pass one on. Hope to see yous then xxx


Officially now on Twitter, follow us on Also I can confirm that I will be working on the John and Simone Rocha shows at London fashion week. Plenty of photos and updates awaits, chuffed!


The fashion show at Om Diva  made it all the way into Image Magazine. Here are some mingle pictures from the night.

Image Mag